Network Security

“ARNE” approach to network pen testing goes above and beyond standard vulnerability analysis. With decades of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most subtle of network vulnerabilities. When you’re concerned about your network security, you want the top pen-testing company to review it. It helps your organization improve the security and risk posture of the network devices or servers.


At ARNE, our network penetration testing targets the entire range of devices on your network. Using the same techniques as sophisticated hackers, we providing unique visibility into security risks automated tools often miss. To ensure high quality, repeatable engagements, our penetration testing methodology follows these steps:


Arne performs the network pen test based on industry best expert with years of experience and its ability to provide critical-to-low vulnerabilities in the network. Sempersol team identifies vulnerabilities in the network assets using our network test cases, which are prepared from experience and standard NIST, OWASP, SANS, and OSSTMM guidelines.

First, perform the enumeration of a host IP address and identify different services on the host.

Second, based on the attack surface found, we discover vulnerabilities in a host and exploit them further. The methodology includes first-host foot-printing, live host detection, service enumeration, and operating system details. The exploitation process is an actual simulation, like cybercriminal exploitation, and using this method identifies multiple vulnerabilities.

Using the identified vulnerability, exploit scripts will be prepared for exploitation along with video/screenshot PoC, which demonstrates steps that re-create vulnerabilities.

Last, understand the risk of vulnerability and priority flaws according to the risk-rating matrix, and prepare a final report.