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How Do We Perform Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

Testing the software application developed for mobile devices for their functionality, usability, security, performance, etc is known as Mobile Application Testing. Mobile Application Security Testing includes authentication, authorization, data security, vulnerabilities for hacking, and etc. Once we are formally and professionally engaged with you to perform pentesting of your mobile app, we do ask few questions such as below
Is your mobile app developed using some framework, or uses native code?
Does your mobile app support in-app purchases / bitcoins etc?
Does your mobile app support in-app purchases / bitcoins etc?
Many Others
Mobile App Security testing is a continuous improvement process which is beneficial to the app development firm as well as the app user.
From technical point of view, how exactly you perform the testing?
At a high level we perform data at rest and data in transit attacks.
What do we need to provide before a mobile app penetration testing?
All we need is your consent to proceed with the testing, and the application binaries. This data is good enough to proceed with the mobile application penetration testing.
How much of ARNE’s Penetration Testing is Automated vs. Manual?
We surely use tools to automate some part of the whole task, but the rest is very much manual to cover maximum number of vulnerabilities and achieve greatest levels of accuracy.We take pride in the fact that most of our testing is manual. This is because it is said that real life hackers do not use tools, they are very much their own scripts and methods.
How soon can you start on my project?
We can proceed as soon as the basic paperwork of signing non-disclosure agreement and work contract is completed.
What is the reason that makes ARNE a best company for mobile app security?
With deep experience in both iOS and Android penetration testing, we understand the unique security challenges and vulnerabilities with each mobile architecture. This expertise allows us to customize assessments to specific concerns, such as reverse-engineering an iOS app or malware threats to an Android app.
What are other ways you perform mobile application penetration testing?
Our mobile security assessments take multiple attack vectors and threats into account, including Jailbroken iOS and rooted Android devices. By comparing the vulnerabilities of both options, we can demonstrate the security risk from multiple user types, including dedicated attackers and everyday users.
What do you provide as a part of mobile application penetration testing?
Specifically, this detailed penetration testing reporting is broken down as… 1. Summary Risk and App Strengths/Weaknesses 2. Risk-Prioritized Vulnerabilities and Description 3. Vulnerable Code Sections (when Source Code Review is integrated) 4. Attack Walkthrough (including screenshots) 5. Remediation and Defensive Recommendations