Our Cyber Awareness Program

Private Domain

In immensely networked systems, organizations cannot protect confidentiality,integrity and availability of data without implementing an effective and reliable security training program.

For Teenager

Teaching and propagating best practices in social network platform and uses of this platform, facilitating public-private partnerships by fighting against cybercrime with teenagers.

Cyber Crime

Work on behaviour standards, netiquettes and privacy issues in cyberspace, fighting against cyber-crime by conducting awareness campaigns.

Public Domain

Cyber Security affects everyone. Anyone - from individuals and small companies to government agencies and global enterprises - using a computer, digital or mobile device, as well as any other system or process connected to the internet of things, may fall victim to a cyber attack.

Social Networking

The Internet can be a major way to connect with friends and family and to alimentation an interest or a hobby.Social networks and new on-line services make it easy to share the details of our lives, perhaps too easily. With just a few clicks, posts and messages, you can give away enough personal information to compromise your privacy and even open yourself up to identity theft.

Academia Domain

To meet growing technological needs and to protect against evolving cyber threats, ARNE engages with the academic community to increase cybersecurity awareness, incentivize cybersecurity, encourage the adoption of best practices, and implement a shared sense of responsibility for cybersecurity at universities and colleges.

Science Of CyberSecurity

The Science Of Cybersecurity A Treatise On Communications Security How can we characterise Cybersecurity? How do data breaches, hacks, system exploits and computer intrusions happen – and why? What occurs when Cybersecurity really works effectively, and can we systemise it? Or will the clever hacker always break into any networked device, sweeping all defences aside?

Science Of Technology

At we seek to establish and apply the fundamental principles of the 4th Industrial Revolution; but patently this goal can only be achieved with the help of our knowledgeable readership.